Thursday, March 8, 2012

No new events... fortunately but back by popular demand

Lets see... After the event of December 10th, I've been to Los Angeles, CA., Yuma, AZ, Atlanta, GA all without any unfortunate events occurring. That's good.

In Yuma, it was cold (-6) and they had about 6 inches of snow. That was between Xmas and New Years. Go figure, it was colder down there than in Quebec. It didn't last for long. By the time I got to Phoenix (sounds like an old Glen Campbell song) the snow had disappeared. It was only when I got to Kansas that it cleared up.

Since then, I been in Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin for the most part. Two weeks ago I was in downtown Minneapolis at the Hyatt Regency delivering furniture. They're doing major renovations as do most hotels. After an average of five years they strip out the rooms completely, sinks, counter tops, carpets wall coverings, right to the plaster. It's a boon for people who pick up the old stuff (which is in better than good condition) for pennies.

The street I was using to access the hotel was this tiny back street that was barely adequit for truck and I had to back the trailer into the bay and then unhook. I had to park the tractor on the sidewalk while the movers unloaded the trailer. It took about an hour and a half. Then off to Arcadia, WI to pick up more furniture and take that back to Canada.

This week I was in Chicago and Algoma WI, a small town south-east of Green Bay. Leaving on Saturday (usual departure lately) it was very windy on the 401 through Ontario. I was fairly heavy but had to hold on tight to keep from being blown sideways.

So now I'm back, couple of days off. Got laundry, provisions and the like to do. Friday, there is a small get-to-together with some past colleagues of the Yellow Pages (most of whom don't work there anymore.)

The current CEO should fire himself for what he and his cronies have done to the company. Last share price 0.12¢. What a crime! But that's another story. 

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