Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It has been awhile since my last entry, over 3 months. (almost sounds like confession) Gotta find a way to do this blog from out there. I haven't had much personal time between runs, in most cases, less than 36 hours. And when I do get back, much of the time is spent just getting ready to go back out: laundry, groceries and maybe the odd job around the house. So I only offer a small update.

So where have I been?
Two runs ending in southern Colorado were interesting. Drops starting in Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska, and multiple stops between Fort Collins, Co and Pueblo Co with Denver and Colorado Springs in between.  Links replace pictures I didn't take; who's got the time?

Later, in the month June, there were runs in Garner, NC. Ordinary. I do this run too often to be interesting any more.

Several runs to Ohio, north of I-70 and west i-77 where you'll find a large population of  Amish (horse and buggy, beautiful rolling hills, and small unincorporated villages which are next to impossible to find with a GPS.

Then Indiana, Western New York state, Chicago and burbs in Illinois, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

More later, gotta run.