Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sun and asphalt

It's been a long time since I wrote something here. Readers have probably given up looking at the same old posts. So it's time, I guess, to tackle the task of writing something meaningful. Perhaps... or at least, ramping up.

Driving destinations have improved a bit since late 2013, I was getting a lot of western Canada and eastern US seaboard runs. Western Canada becomes "my turn" so to speak due to the "fair weather drivers" not wanting to go out west in winter. "Hey! take the good with the bad", I say. Bunch of sissies .  While these are not my preferred destinations either, particular eastern Pennsylvania and Rhode Island in the states, Winnipeg in Canada but I do them. Roads in north-western Ontario can be a drag and it's nice to visit the moon scape in Sudbury. Routes through central and southern US are much better, both in remuneration and enjoyment. Truck stops are more numerous, roads less congested and parking at days end more available with destinations usually on the outskirts of major centres.

The last trip took me through Georgia, Florida (gulf coast), Alabama, Mississippi through and to little towns. Warmer weather, 25˚C in South Carolina falling to 4˚ further south west. Facebook friends were not amused since they were still in the deep freeze. So sad! :-p

This coming week is a return to central Alabama. One destination going and returning. I should be back by Friday if all works out.

Bella continues to ride in her preferred spot; on the bunk, looking out the side window. 

Roads that suck: 
I-75 North from Ohio to Michigan (mile marker 18 or so)
I-94 East from Indiana to Michigan 
I-49 Wisconsin north of Milwaukee to Green Bay

Random thoughts:
None for now, stay tuned.