Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wisconsin, March 23rd

Destination: Green Bay for a drop and Eau Claire for a drop and hook. D/H is to drop an empty trailer and switch for a already loaded one.

Big rush! Testing a new GPS unit. Garbage! Algorithms all wrong. Streets & Trips from Microsoft does a more intelligent job. No time for pictures nor playing with GPS.
Besides there's nothing really interesting to write about, probably because I've done this run before.

Whats' in Wisconsin? Cheese. Great sausage.

April 24th; Eau Claire. Damn! Hook trailers' brakes are full of ice. Frozen. Can't move. Pound on brake drums for a while to limited success. Got 3 of 4 axles free but the last one won't give. Besides, have dug a bit of a rut under my drive wheels and can't get out. Call for a pull-out to the cost of 200$. That takes 2 minutes. I'm in the wrong business here!

Next stop Marshfield, WI, for a live load. Load's not ready when I arrive. More delays. Typical day. You have to be patient. Three hours of waiting, off we go. Home, James.

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