Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Monday, my dispatcher gives me the orders to enter the US, destination, Everett, Washington. 171 kms. Once there, she says, "There's nothing at this time. Please standby." Gee, I wish I'd have known that in advance, 'cause there are no truck stops in Everett. Back 8 miles to Marysville. Spent the rest of the day at the truck stop. Have lunch, walk the dog, do a bit of window shopping.

Next day, new marching orders. Ripon, CA. Nice mountain peak in the distance. Too bad I can't stop and take a picture. It's either Mt. Rainer or Mt. St. Helen's or Mt. Hood, probably the latter. Speeds for commercial vehicles in California is 55 mph. Meanwhile the rest of the traffic can roll at 65. Can't compete with that. Try changing lanes against these speeds. Apparently, it's been like that for 20 odd years. Ohio figured that out last years, changing all the Interstate speeds from 55 to 65 to match car traffic. Seems that it reduced the accident rate by more than 20 percent. but I digress.

Off to Fowler Ca to pick up (finally) oranges for Loblaws. Just one problem... pick up isn't until next day at 21h30. So again, sit and wait.

At 21h30, oops, appointment mix up, load isn't ready. come back tomorrow. Typical.
Next day, I finally get loaded by 14h00. It's Friday, a whole week wasted. That's the transportation business.
So I finally get going... here's the hill east of Bakersfield.

Notice the orange trees in the foreground? They all have a buzz gut.
Gee, that hill isn't so small after all.
Just another highway

More blacktop

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