Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2-1/2weeks and 11145 kms

No it's not a typo. 11145 kilometers.
23 drops from Minnesota to Port Angeles, Washington state in one week.
Starting on Monday, by Friday I still had 7 drops to go and with only 3 hours left in my 70 hour week and 4 drops left to go, I had to stop and find a truck stop to do my reset. Unfortunately, Monday was labour day... everywhere, so that meant spending Friday to Tuesday morning. Spending 4 days in a dump of a truck stop (name withheld) wasn't the highlight of my week. So Tuesday, I finished up the remaining drops only to find myself sitting dockside in Port Angeles just a stones throw from Victoria, BC. Had to overnight right on the dock with no truck stop for hundreds of miles around. By Wednesday, I was back on the road to Olympia, WA, to a real truck stop to forward some paperwork to the office, then off to Wentachee, WA. less than 200 miles to do my pick up. My appointment was for Thursday 08h00. Just as I get there, the office sents me a new message saying that the appt has been moved to 17h00. More waiting time and another day wasted. To top things off, the one pick up turns into 2, at different locations. By 8 pm, I've got my first pick up, the second is supposed to be at 22h00 but finalizes at 3 am Friday. Pears and apples. So the entire week is pooched.  So Friday at 3 am, I start back. Delivery, Tuesday 11th of September at 11 am.
So guess what... I get to the drop in Boucherville, on time and waited for 5 hours as they unloaded. 20 skids in 5 hours. That's the unions for you.

Fortunately, I'm on vacation for the next few weeks. North Carolina to the Outer Banks in a little town called Duck in a little beach house, ocean side with some dear friends that Sue and I have known for over 2 decades. Last year was in the same location, just a few miles north of Duck. So a little R&R will do just fine.

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  1. Not sure how you can do it - i would go crazy being away from home and living out of a truck or stop! Enjoy your well deserved vacation. Hope Sue was able to join you after all of her number crunching.